Public affairs

For more than 25 years, we’ve helped business groups, state agencies — even a member of Congress — help shape public opinion through traditional media relations, social media, and videos. 

In early 2017, a bill was introduced that would impose an onerous inheritance tax on many California family businesses. Working with the affected Association and its lobbyist, we helped craft a communications strategy to spread the word about the need to oppose the measure. The final piece was successfully placing an op-ed in the lawmaker’s hometown newspaper. Because of the widespread opposition, the lawmaker put the bill on hold for a year.

If your organization needs to educate the public about an important issue, give us a call.

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external communications

You can have the nicest website in all the world that features all of the latest bells and whistles. But if you don’t have the right content your message won’t get across.

The Write Stuff Communications will sit down with you and through a thorough conversation learn who your audience is and what you’re trying to communicate to them. Learn more.




internal communications

Keeping your employees and members informed is crucial to your success. The key is interesting and relevant content, presented in the best way to meet your audience’s needs.

Some audiences still prefer print communications, while many others would rather hear from you via email newsletters or even e-magazines. We can help you with all kinds of communications.

For several years, we put together a monthly e-magazine for a real estate group. Here’san example and one prepared before we began to help.

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freelance writing

Before launching a successful career in public relations, The Write Stuff’s founder was an award-winning journalist, and still loves to write for a wide variety of printed and online publications.

Recent articles include a writing guide for busy executives  (Page 31), a profile of a progressive California farmer (Page 6), and a dog’s perspective of life in our hometown for a Chamber of Commerce publication.